A firm mattress is a great choice if support is your highest priority. A bit of cushioning for comfort, and just the right amount of give for pressure relief. For sleepers who prefer their mattress firm but not hard the Firm comfort level is your choice.
A plush mattress offers a soft feel without all the fluff. Features enhanced cushioning layers for comfort, yet enough firmness to keep your body supported. For sleepers who prefer to feel their mattress hug them in a supportive embrace the Plush
Foam mattresses provide an unbeatable combination of comfort and support. With layers of soft foam that conform to your body, these mattresses offer perfect pressure relief in all the right places. If you like the conformability of memory foam, you’ll love the cooling effect of gel memory foam. These mattresses provide increased pressure relief, support and temperature neutrality for hot sleepers.
Pillow top mattresses offer the ultimate in luxurious softness. With extra layers of soft materials, these are mattresses comfort-lovers can really sink into. Sleepers who love a cloud-like feel will find their most restful night’s sleep on a pillowtop mattress. Extra layers of foam complement cushioned support to provide luxurious comfort.